Charity ‘Flying’ Visit

With the Summer Holidays long forgotten, it was back to business as usual for Emanuel. He did one of his ‘flying’ visits to the Principality, this time for the charity Oxfam. This was part of a National campaign organized by Oxfam in conjunction with Marks & Spencer, namely ‘One Day Wardrobe Clearout’.
With the aim to raise £1 million for Oxfam and help reduce the amount of clothing sent to landfill. The initiative
is part of M&S’ involvement in HRH Prince of Wales’ START campaign, designed to help consumers make a start in leading a more sustainable lifestyle.

It was an early start for Emanuel, arriving at the M&S Store @ Culverhouse Cross / Cardiff well before 9:00am!….
He was met by the Store manager, Mr Mark Reed & PR representative Ms Claire Beesley. Much to his surprise, the Welsh M&S shoppers were very keen, as many of them had already showed up with bagfuls of clothes to donate. After a few hours of meeting & chatting with customers and doing Press photographs,Mr Reed thanked Emanuel, with everyone agreeing it was a very successful morning.

Before leaving Wales, Emanuel managed to fit in a ‘lightening’ visit to the Bonmarche’ flagship store in Cardiff, to view the arrival of his new Autumn/Winter 2010 Collection. He also managed to buy a few pieces from his Collection, to give as ‘presents’ to his American friends when he visits in early October. Then it was back to London!…

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  1. just kind of wondering if david was in westfield , london today as i thought i spotted him this afternoon? vicki

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