Whilst studying at senior school, Emanuel applied to both art and music colleges. Although accepted by both, the envelope from the art college arrived first, deciding his career choice and studied at the Royal College of Art. Coming from a Welsh speaking and musical background, he played the piano from an early age, was head chorister of his church choir, a violinist in the County Youth Orchestra and singer in the County Youth Choir. In his spare time he taught himself the cello.

Emanuel concentrated on his professional fashion career and it wasn’t until the late 1990’s that he rekindled his other love, singing. Taking personal time out of his extremely busy schedule he studied with Mr. Ian Adam, voice coach to Michael Crawford, Elaine Page and other West End/Broadway stars. Whilst meeting Mr. Geraint Evans, the then BBC Head of Entertainment to discuss television projects, Emanuel was invited to be a guest on the ‘The Peter Karrie Show’ to sing and be interviewed alongside the actress and client, Joan Collins. He performed ‘The Queen of Disguise’, an original euro-beat fashion song much to the surprise of Miss Collins, the studio audience and indeed the viewers at home!

… Brilliant… Congratulations… My… Untold talents!… I had no idea!…

Joan Collins

Emanuel was also asked to be part of the guest line-up at the 75th Anniversary Concert of BBC Wales singing three classic songs in Welsh live in front of an audience of four thousand people.

His singing style and sound is Easy Listening and he loves singing Romantic Ballads. During the summer of 2000, after sourcing suitable material, he was found working diligently in the rehearsal rooms and recording studio. This culminated in a very successful debut concert in America, performing cabaret, accompanied by the legendary Lester Lanin Dance Orchestra.

Upon his return to the U.K., the BBC invited Emanuel back into the Studio. As guest of the day on The Owen Money Radio Show, he was asked to talk about his passion for music and the joy of singing and sang six songs live across the airwaves.

…Not only are you a wonderful designer, but also a wonderful singer! … Oh excellent! Well, he’s given us another side of David Emanuel, that’s what you should call the album, ‘The Other Side of David Emanuel!”

The Owen Money Show, BBC Radio

In the new Millennium, BBC Radio invited Emanuel back again, this time to sing ‘Happy Heart’, broadcast live in front of a studio audience for the huge charity event ‘Children in Need’

Most years have seen Emanuel returning to the States to perform at private parties and charity concerts. His CD’s, which are for private distribution, have helped raise vast some of money for the various charitable causes.

“Unforgettable – David Emanuel the Star at Fantasy Ball, America 2000”

2010 sees Emanuel already booked to sing at both private parties and charitable functions in Virginia and Florida, USA.

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